Grievance Policy

Grievance Procedure
The New Career Training Institute is dedicated and committed to the complete satisfaction of every student. If a student has a suggestion, concern or conflict, he or she is encouraged to talk to a school official. School faculty and administration will work with each student to resolve any issues a student may have. Every student is encouraged to discuss their concerns or complaints with faculty or staff most able to assist the student in resolving the matter. If, however, the student is not satisfied with these efforts, then the student may pursue a formal procedure to review a complaint by following these steps:
  1. Make a signed, written complaint to the Director describing the basis of the complaint in sufficient detail to allow the Director to begin an investigation. 
  2. The Director will schedule an appointment (in-person or by phone) with the student within three working days to discuss the complaint and will meet with other campus personnel as required to complete the investigation.
  3. The Director will evaluate the facts and provide the student with a written notice of the results of the investigation within ten working days.
  4. Students not satisfied with the final disposition of the grievance process are encouraged to contact the appropriate licensing agency for the state in which they attend class: