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Online Programs
  • Would you like to improve your career and salary?
  • Do you need a program with a flexible format to accommodate your current commitments?
  • Do you want to gain real-world skills and learn from nationally recognized experts?
If the answer to any or all of these questions is 'yes' then a program at New Career Training Institute may be the next step in achieving your professional and personal goals. New Career Training Institute has been providing distance education to help students succeed for 15 years. 

You're busy. We know. There's no need to rush to campus. Take classes from home! 
Finish your training in just one day or less than one month and get your National Certification too all for under $1000. 1800-799-1975
Our home study courses are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.
We make it easy for people to take high-quality, affordable distance learning courses that are available 24 hours, seven days a week, enabling people to work anytime and anywhere. In addition we have various off-site clinical partner for you to gain hands-on skills practice.
A Better Way To Earn Your Education and start your new career with our affordable unique blended program that combines distance learning with actual hands-on contact externship experiences in a hospital, healthcare center, clinical laboratory or classroom setting. The focus is to provide the student with real world setting hands- on training, which also includes national certification.
You can earn your certificate and national certification in just days or 1-4 weeks
Prerequisite: High School diploma, GED, or equivalent from a foreign country required.
At New Career Training Institute, we believe your education should lead to employment. Our innovative accelerated distance learning programs allow you to study anytime online and anywhere, completely at your own pace, and participate in actual hands-on clinical externship’s. Our clinical partnerships with physician’s, hospitals, and health centers taught by our licensed instructors are conveniently located in your area, and will expose you to real-life experiences where you’ll learn by hands-on training. Our focus is on your success!The goal of our program is to help you graduate with the confidence and qualifications to begin your new career.
Our programs focus on providing educational and vocational training in a variety of the fastest growing career fields that equip tomorrow’s professionals for exciting careers. In as little as 1 month or less, depending on your program, you can gain the credentials, knowledge and skills to begin your rewarding new career. You can also take the national certification exam the last day of your externship. In less time than traditional college or university settings, you could earn your certificate and be well on your way to a rewarding and satisfying future.

Entry- level programs

We offer career training and certification Entry-level courses and programs, which require no previous experience or education that allow you to acquire the skills needed to enter entry-level positions. In less than 1 month

1-Day Continuing education certification programs

We offer a number of advanced 1-day continuing education certification workshops for experienced healthcare professional that will help you upgrade your current skills and expand your knowledge as you seek to advance in your career.

New Career Training Institute (NCTI) offers specialized certificate programs designed to meet the needs and objectives of all students, regardless of their educational background, age, skill level, ethnicity, or cultural orientation. The primary goal of our allied health programs is to combine lecture, laboratory, and externship experiences that will provide students with the background needed to pursue the career of their choice.  

New Career Training Institute serves students with a variety of interests and life experiences.  Likewise, the faculty at New Career Training Institute bring with them knowledge, fieldwork, and perspectives which, when combined with their energy and dedication, create a dynamic team serving the students. We strive for excellence and quality throughout the campus and are committed to meeting the needs of students, as well as the professional communities our students will join after graduation.

New Career Training Institute Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The New Career Training Institute is completely committed to provide training courses that potentially lead to entry-level employment. The school assists students to use learning as a personal growth experience. Your education will act as a step-by-step motivational tool of success.
The New Career Training Institute provides timesaving, career-focused training which will buttress the growth of a victor’s attitude essential in prosperity.

Vision Statement

To assist individuals who have yet to realize their full potential in the work place, and making a difference in society/their community; due to family obligations, disabilities, or time constraints. We will assist these individuals in finding a new path to success, while simultaneously helping them find their true career direction. We will assist these individuals in learning the necessary skills to reach their earning potential, and reaching their lifetime goals.

Welcome to the NCTI Family!